Drawings of IFs

Several children were nice enough to draw pictures of their companions. Here are some of them. We ask you not to take them (who knows–these IFs may be watching).


Bob the chihuahua
Bob is a Chihuahua
Bob the boy, by another child
Who also drew Jeffette, a girl, but sometimes Jeff, a boy.
Deen and Elizabeth
Deen and Elizabeth


Flower Barbie










Francine, Hector and Jessica (IFs of 4 yr old)


Jump Jump and Jump Jax (8 yr old brothers)











Daisy (100 yr. old Robin)


Quack Quack (4 yr old duck)


To adult eyes these may be scribbles, but not to the 3-year-old who drew them. They are “Spinkey.”



Hetome and Bugong Legs
Hetome and Bugong. “It’s their legs.”



George (5).jpg

George is shared by two sisters, one 3, the other 5.


Multiple IFs


 If More Drawings